Climate Voices

April 8, 2021
By: Seth Spencer, Teach Climate Network Coordinator

2021 Cohort Leaders at the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a cohort model to this year’s three-day 2021 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, July 28th–30th!

13 regional partners across North America are working to create an innovative, collaborative, and solutions-focused virtual conference with our team. Our cohort partners will each lead mini-workshops on Day Two of the Institute, focusing on climate change impacts, solutions, and relationships across their regions.

Participants will join these cohort leaders to create a community of educators focused on climate change solutions, climate justice, and access to education resources during the Summer Institute and beyond. Each of these cohort leaders are climate change education experts within their communities, and we are incredibly excited and fortunate they will be joining us this summer.

Say hello to the Summer Institute cohort regions and leaders!

Marie Tremblay, Senior Education Advisor, Alberta Council for Environmental Education

“As Albertans, we tend to view climate change through a very Alberta-centric lens. I’m excited to be working with Climate Generation on this year’s summer institute because it represents a unique opportunity to gain a broader perspective on climate education and learn from the best climate educators from across North America.”

Melanie Hoffman, Principal, HoffFull Solutions Climate Education and Consulting

“As a chemist moving into climate education, the last three years have been an amazing learning journey in all aspects of building community and uplifting all people, in the words of my alma mater. The Summer Institute will bring these diverse, important aspects of education on climate change and solutions together, and I am thrilled to co-organize an engaging set of local workshops for our Alberta teachers. I’m also so excited that we will co-create a hub from which to build climate teacher community in Alberta through the Teach Climate Network, all participants can stay in touch and have a space to share climate-related questions, and struggles. Mutual support matters!”

Amy Frame, K–12 Program Manager, Ten Strands

“I’m calling on California teachers, TOSAs, coaches, and community based partners from every discipline, grade level, and region to join us this summer. Help make our state’s vision of environmental literacy a reality for all of our students. Let’s support our students take informed action on climate justice issues in their communities and let’s support each other to build up an educational system that focuses on what matters most.”

Kelley Le, Director of UCI Science Project

“I am excited to work alongside teachers who are looking for meaningful ways to support empowered students as the agents of change we need to fight climate change. Addressing the climate crisis is the most urgent and pressing issue of our time and our collective efforts will make a difference.”

Elise Trelegan, B-WET Program Coordinator, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office

“I’m excited to continue the conversation around advancing climate solutions and identifying ways to bring project-based inquiry around climate change into more classrooms!”

Ann Strozyk, Environmental Educator, Howard County Public Schools & Howard County Conservancy

“I am looking forward to collaborating with climate change educators to bring the most up to date science and messaging to students across the region.”

Seth Spencer, Teach Climate Network Coordinator, Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy



Lindsey Kirkland, Climate Change Education Manager, Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

“We are excited to support a network of climate change education leaders and to learn from all the different cohort leaders through the planning process. We believe it takes a strong and diverse network to create climate change solutions that are based in climate justice and are community focused!”

Carrie Ferraro, Associate Director, Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative, Rutgers University



Janice McDonnell, Science Agent, Department of Youth Development, Rutgers University

“I am excited about collaborating on this important issue at a national level.”

Erin Griffin, Youth Climate Program Manager, The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program

Jen Kretser, Director of Climate Initiatives, The Wild Center

“We know it’s been a tough year, and The Wild Center is so excited to connect teachers with inspiration, resources, and each other to kick off a school year focused on climate change education.”

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Meredith McDermott, Director of Sustainability, NYC Department of Education Office of Sustainability

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Joy Rifkin, Sustainability Specialist, NYC Department of Education Office of Sustainability

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Thad Copeland, Deputy Director of Sustainability, NYC Department of Education Office of Sustainability

“The NYC Department of Education’s Office of Sustainability is dedicated to the expansion of climate education access across grade level and subject area. The Summer Institute is an opportunity to collaborate with educators and partners across NY State to develop shared goals, alignment opportunities, and action plans.”

Katie Boyd, Education & Outreach Associate, CIRES/University of Colorado

“I am excited to connect with teachers around the country who are interested in enhancing their climate teaching. I hope that building a community of these teachers will help us strengthen climate education efforts by learning from and collaborating with each other. I love seeing teachers get excited about all the ways they can connect their curriculum to climate in other aspects of my job so I’m especially excited about doing more of that work.”

Nia Keith, Statewide Climate Change Education Manager, Mass Audubon

“I’m excited to connect and network with the talented group of educators who attend the Summer Institute. I’m looking forward to continue the integral work of climate justice education.”

Brittany Gutermuth, Arcadia Climate Education Coordinator, Mass Audubon

Kathryn Semmens, Science Director, Nurture Nature Center

“We are excited to connect our local and regional educators to climate change science and educational resources. There is a real need for connection and resources in our area and we are eager to help build the network.”

Katie Modic, Executive Director, Communitopia

“Communitopia believes that creating climate-literate citizens is crucial to solving climate change. Additionally, we know leaders in the education sector are eager for tools to engage their students on this critical topic. Therefore, we’re thrilled to join the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education as regional cohort leaders and provide our area educators tools for teaching about climate change the Pittsburgh way!”

Brittany Jayroe, Program Director Eastern US, EcoRise

Kristi Hibler-Luton, Program Director, Western US, EcoRise

Becky Bronstein, Program Manager, EarthGen

Nayiri Haroutunian, Program Director, EarthGen

“I’m excited to work with a group of passionate educators to build a more resilient and passionate local climate resilient network.”

Sarah R Johnson, Director, Wild Rose Education

“Facilitating a cohort from western Colorado excites me as it creates an opportunity for rural educators to build a community and get inspired, become more confident, and be supported to teach climate change with their students in relevant ways connecting the students to the place where they live. The impacts of the climate change crisis is seen in the Upper Colorado River Basin with the aridification of the west over the past 25 years, decreased snowpack, more frequent super intense wildfires, smoky very poor air quality days for weeks during the summer months, and increase in invasive species to just name a few.”