Climate Generation

February 22, 2016
By: Katie Siegner, Communications Coordinator

Able Brewing Event Embodies Wilderness Ethos, Local Climate Solutions

IMG_4636Like the well-crafted beer that Able Seedhouse & Brewery serves, all of the elements of their Pillows & Pints Ski Movie Night on February 11 mixed seamlessly together to create an inspiring evening celebrating outdoor adventure and local climate actions. The event featured tables from outdoor retailers Patagonia St. Paul, Askov Finlayson – showcasing their Keep The North Cold merchandise – and Topo Designs, all of whom donated gear to a raffle drawing. Tatanka Truck was serving delicious Native American food. Staff and volunteers from Climate Generation were sharing information and engagement opportunities, as well as partaking in the evening’s festivities.

We were thrilled to participate in this event for many reasons, starting with our hosts: Able Seedhouse & Brewery is pioneering a farm-to-glass approach to beer, sourcing locally farmed grain that is grown specifically for flavor, and doing their own malting on-site. Beyond just creating a new brewery, co-founder Casey Holley noted that they were primarily focused on providing a welcoming space for people to gather. Their local, community-centered philosophy echoes our approach to climate change solutions: starting at the local level, gathering people together, and scaling up from there.

IMG_4650In addition, the outdoor adventure movies, including ski clips and the Patagonia production Jumbo Wild, resonated with our Keep The North Cold campaign in partnership with Askov Finlayson, as well as our expedition history and founding by polar explorer Will Steger. Arctic regions and winter outdoor recreation areas have experienced some of the most significant early impacts of climate change, and preserving these rugged, essential wild places remains part of our motivation for doing our work.

Finally, this event provided us with the opportunity to connect with hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts and potential new supporters. At the end of the day, we are a people-centered organization, and having the chance to talk with attendees, share information on how climate change is impacting all of us as Minnesotans, and connect people to action opportunities is always rewarding. Beyond wilderness impacts, climate change has now hit home in the lives of many people, from Indigenous communities to farmers to urban residents; we were happy to be there to highlight this reality through our materials and information sharing.

Ski Movie Night offered the opportunity to bond over local beer, love of wilderness and a strong preservation ethic. From local grains, to winter recreation, to people’s lives and livelihoods, we all share a desire to conserve what we know and love about Minnesota, which is threatened in a changing climate. This event was a wholeheartedly positive way to express that sentiment. It inspired goodwill and in concrete terms, it raised over $1,000 to support our work while connecting us with 350 new faces. Thank you to all who came out, to our hosts at Able, and to the outdoor retailers for participating! Check out the event feature in the Star Tribune’s Scene & Heard section for more photos of the evening.