Climate Voices

October 15, 2019
By: Astralblak

ASTRALBLAK: Band Together Musician Spotlight

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Climate Generation (CG): What concerns you most about the climate crisis?

MMYYKK of Astralblak: What concerns me most about the climate crisis is the effect it is having on our oceans. the rise in water temp is wreaking havoc on the coral reefs and many aquatic creatures. really just the effect on the environment in general.

We take for granted all the work that mother nature is doing in the background to ensure that we have an inhabitable planet.

CG: To create a better world, we must first imagine ourselves there. What does your better future look like?

MMYYKK: The better future to me looks like free sustainable clean energy for all people. Free and unfettered access to housing, clean water, and organic non GMO foods for all people.

The future to me looks like a place where we realize that our differences and various cultures is what makes us special and not something to use as a divisive tactic. The future also looks like a place where we find ways to live in harmony with our environment and all the creatures in it.