April 23, 2019
By: Climate Generation

Betty’s Climate Story

Climate Story - BettyBetty Tisel was an attendee of our 2019 Talk Climate Institute.

My name is Betty Tisel, and I’m from Minneapolis.

Here’s a short climate story, from the future.

It is 10:30 p.m.

A young woman enters the train station alone. As she steps along, small path lights come on to illuminate the area. Behind her, the lights blink off as she gets farther away from them. She moves freely and without fear.

A train rolls quietly up, and a real voice announces its destinations.

The woman touches a button on the nearest doors and walks onto the train.

She takes a seat. The doors softly close and the train rolls away.

The last few station path lights blink off.

The end.

Climate Story - Betty

After 9/11, reports faulted our “failure of imagination” for our lack of preparedness. Well, what if imagination is needed not just to prepare for the worst we can expect, but also to build real global security – food security, housing security, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and freedom from extinction? What if we need to find the way ahead by envisioning it, in detail?

We can write stories about the future that are neither dystopias nor utopias. We can imagine scenarios in which a young woman can use free public transportation at any time of the day or night. These imaginings can light our path.