April 20, 2018
By: Lauren Boritzke Smith, Communications and Marketing Manager

Brewing a Better Climate at Surly Brewing

This Monday, we took over Surly Brewing’s Scheid Hall with over 70 supporters for our Brewing a Better Climate fundraiser! Since 2012, these events have brought folks together to enjoy delicious brews, raise money for our climate change programs, and win fantastic giveaways from local companies.

The spirit of Brewing a Better Climate resonates with the name; the three main ingredients in beer — hops, barley, and water — are all impacted by climate change. So together, we seek to appreciate local breweries, act on climate change at the local level, and bring together like-minded supporters to have fun while making a difference.

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Our interactive art installation gauged attendees interest in climate action and comfortability with talking about climate change. We premiered our first-ever climate change trivia, which had attendees racking their brains to answer questions that addressed the impacts, solutions, sounds, policies, and people of climate change around the world. From identifying species of penguins that are most affected by global warming to ranking the top three gases melting Alaska’s permafrost, it was a rousing competition across more than ten teams!

Thanks are in order to our fantastic hosts at Surly Brewing and our many prize partners who contributed to the giveaways that night. In the past, we’ve gathered at Bent Paddle Brewing, Harriet Brewing, Indeed Brewing, and Rahr Corporation for these community events. If you are interested in bringing Brewing a Better Climate to your brewery or having our climate change trivia at a location near you, contact us with your interest!