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August 5, 2019
By: Climate Generation

Brews & Q’s: Our Climate Trivia Series!

That’s a wrap on our Brewing a Better Climate Trivia Series!

After our smash hit trivia night at Surly Brewing in April of 2018, we decided to expand the climate trivia connection to breweries across the state. From October to May of this year, our team traveled to six breweries, engaging over 200 people, and raising over $8,000 for our programming.

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A huge thank you is deserved to our co-hosts at Bad Weather Brewing, Imminent Brewing, Sisyphus Brewing, Bent Paddle Brewing Co., Excelsior Brewing, and Bang Brewing — all of whom donated a portion of the taproom proceeds directly to our organization. And, of course, thanks to our trivia teams for coming to play, as well as giving to support our cause.

Missed the trivia matches? Here’s a sample:

Coral reefs are more resilient to the stresses of overfishing, development, and pollution when they are protected. Healthy reefs bounce back faster after heating events and hurricanes. Now make like a Jimmy Buffet fan and name the key species of fish that can help protect reefs by eating algae off coral and pooping beautiful sand.

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This series challenged us to push the boundaries of our climate knowledge, but we do know that climate change is impacting the heart of this series: beer.

When it comes to the brewing industry, climate change is impacting craft brewing in concrete ways: drier and hotter growing conditions are affecting hop and barley production, for example, and the price of hops has increased 250% in the past decade.

Climate change impacts and fossil fuel extraction also affect clean water availability, another key ingredient in the brewing process.

You can learn more about the impacts on beer from our friends at Climate Central.

This series would not have been possible without the support of our Brewing a Better Climate Trivia Series sponsors: All Energy Solar and Peace Coffee as well as individual location support from BWBR, RxArtisans, and Loll Designs!

Thanks to all who participated to make this such an educational and fun event for all! Watch for new locations this fall at

Megan Van Loh
Education Coordinator

Lauren Boritzke
Communications Coordinator


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