Climate Voices

October 24, 2019
By: Chris Koza

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What concerns me most about the climate crisis is that not enough people of political or economic influence take it seriously. I’m concerned that despite the research and the efforts of many in the scientific and humanitarian communities, we are headed towards what could very well be a doomsday scenario for our species and planet.

Offhand, I would say my experience with climate change has been more passive. Anecdotally, people in Minnesota say the “winters aren’t what they used to be,” and following the rise of tropical storms and extreme weather, it seems straightforward to me that weather patterns are changing. Whether or not this is partially a natural aberration or spurred forth by human industry to me is a meaningless distinction — change is happening and if humans have any ability to contribute positively towards protecting this planet, that is our duty as tenants to help however we can.

I want to use my voice to speak for causes I believe in and develop the ability to relate and communicate with others. At the root of understanding my climate change story is knowing as much as I can to help share with others on the matter. I’m motivated for the children of tomorrow and the millions of species of animals and plant life that will become irrevocably harmed if widespread change is not adopted.

My better future is one which considers the many, outside of the few; where resources are protected and celebrated instead of hoarded and rashly spent. I imagine a world where people of all walks are united in common pursuits — and working together towards a healthier climate is a goal from which everyone can benefit.

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