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November 25, 2014
By: Education

Climate Lesson Update - December 2014

As we get ready to celebrate our 10th year at the Will Steger Foundation, we want to take some time to give thanks to the many individuals and groups that are doing amazing work in climate change education.

Letter to Climate Change Educators

climatethanksAs we get ready to celebrate our 10th year at the Will Steger Foundation, we want to take some time to give thanks to the many individuals and groups that are doing amazing work in climate change education. The Yale Project on Climate Change Education has put out the call for everyone to give #climatethanks to those who are working to maintain a safe climate.

  • We want to give #climatethanks to the 600+ educators that have attended our Summer Institutes over the years. You can sign up now for the 2015 Summer Institute.
  • #Climatethanks to the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for the funding for our Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate project that will provide public education for Minnesota.
  • Many #climatethanks to the team at Smart Set for their work on our newly revised curriculum and David Gillette for providing the stunning cover art.
  • #Climatethanks to everyone that came out locally for Dine for Climate at Birchwood Cafe. We hope to see you on December 11th at French Meadow Cafe.
  • #Climatethanks for the great partnerships we have; including those that are making the NASA webinar happen that will help educators learn about the National Climate Assessment and how climate change will impact the Midwest.
  • And a big #climatethanks for all of you who are doing great work developing climate literacy. We couldn’t do our work without you.

We hope you have your own #climatethanks to give this holiday season.

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz

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Letter to Climate Change Educators
WSF Happenings
Stories from the Field
Moment of Inspiration

What we’re reading

New U.S.-China climate deal is a game changer

We’ll be following the School of Environmental Studies high school students as they reflect on their experiences in Lima, Peru at COP20.

Stories from the Field

We are pleased to know we have the support of the White House as we work towards our vision of a climate literate society. Read here for more information: A Call to Action to Advance Climate Education and Literacy.

WSF Happenings

NASA Webinar on Climate Change in the Midwest

Change Over Time: Investigate Climate Change Impacts in the Midwest: The National Climate Assessment, released in May of 2014, summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, touching on many disciplines: earth science, biology, human health, engineering, technology, economics, and policy. Explore the document with Dr. Fred Lipschultz from USGCRP (United States Global Change Research Project), then learn about related educator resources with Kristen Poppleton from the Will Steger Foundation. Discover how to bring these resources into classroom lessons, engage students in data collection and analysis, share visualizations and citizen science projects. Focus this month will be on the Midwest region.

Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Summer Institute 201310th Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Join us June 15-17, 2015 for a chance to hear from experts in climate science, climate change education, and climate solutions. You will also engage in hands-on activities and learn how our curriculum supports language arts, social students, and science standards (including Next Generation Science Standards). Register and learn more here.

Free Teacher training on climate and energy curriculum

mn-green-schools logoLearn about three hands-on climate and energy curriculum resources, including Experience Energy, in this virtual teacher training hosted by the Minnesota Green Schools Coalition set for Thursday, December 4, 3:30-5 p.m (CDT).

Resources from the Climate Change Community

Climate Stewards PicThe NOAA Climate Stewards Project is expanding!

Do you want to:

  • learn more about climate science,
  • become part of a science learning community?
  • join other educators who are supporting climate resilience?

NOAA’s Climate Steward Education Project (CSEP) provides formal and informal educators with sustained professional development, collaborative tools, and support to build a climate-literate public that is actively engaged in climate stewardship.

Climate toolkit picClimate Resilience Kit

Make sure your community is ready for climate change. The Climate Resilience Toolkit provides resources and a framework for understanding and addressing the climate issues that impact people and their communities.

NASA Shows Stark Year in the Life of CO2

NASA provides a stark and stunning view of a year in the life of our planet as humans continue to emit greenhouse gases that warm the planet. The animation comes courtesy of one of the highest-resolution computer models in existence.

Moment of Inspiration

Lewis Pugh’s inspirational TED talk on climate change

WWF ambassador, environmental campaigner and endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh has been talking about his record-breaking and life-changing feat of swimming in a newly formed glacial lake 5,000 metres up Mount Everest. Lewis’s swim, and the TED talk, was drawing attention to melting Himalayan glaciers – and how every one of us can help tackle climate change in our own way.