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April 2, 2018
By: Education

Climate Lessons Update - April 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators

circleIn an era when climate change is forcing us to redefine how we live on this planet, it’s time for educators to redefine what it means to educate students for a future with the effects of (human-induced) climate change. Not only does this mean teaching your students about the science of climate change, but also helping them understand how to find credible sources.

In this issue of the CLU, you’ll find several resources to help students sift through the jungle of sources out there in search of credible, scientific ones. If you are looking for more help, check out the Climate Generation Happenings section for opportunities for you to engage with us and other teachers from around the country.

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz
Education Program
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Climate Generation Happenings

Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

We have scholarships! Apply for one now and join us June 26-28, 2018 at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN for three days of climate change science, teaching strategies, and reflecting with other teachers from around the country. Apply, register, and learn more about our 13th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education.

Follow Will Steger’s 2018 Barren Lands Expedition

Our founder, polar explorer Will Steger, is in the midst of a two-and-a-half month solo journey across the Arctic. He left March 20 and will return sometime after June 1. Join over 250 followers as we trek along with Will and bring his expedition into classrooms around the country.

Sign up for the #TeachClimate Network

Join our #TeachClimate Network to discuss climate change education and cli-fi books on a monthly basis. This isn’t just a call where you listen to someone else discuss their thoughts on the book; you get to tell us yours. We’ve been having some engaging conversations lately and hope you can join us. Our April 18th meeting will feature Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed the Earth. If you don’t read the book, join the call anyway! Sign up to receive information and the webinar link.


Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage. Their goal is to help readers know which news to trust.

Let’s deal with this CRAP

Whether it’s CRAP or CRAAP, this test to evaluate sources will help your students figure out which ones are trustworthy and which ones are…well, you know. 🙂 Take a look at each of these sites: Evaluating my Sources with CRAAP and Help students evaluate sources with the CRAP test.

This Stinks!

A different version of the CRAP test is the STINK test. Although it follows very similar steps, the name may appeal more to the teachers of younger grades. It’s imperative that we teach our students how to recognize whether a source is valid or not.

What We’re Reading

Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed the Earth (to get ready for April’s #TeachClimate Network meeting)

Stories from the Field

Will Steger’s solo expedition embarks into school classrooms

One of our #TeachClimate Network teachers reviewed our March book, Same Sun Here

Moment of Inspiration

Meet 50 People Fixing the World

Invite your students to read the article, “Meet 50 People Fixing the World,” to learn about these amazing creators, thinkers, strategists, and catalysts. Have them contact one person from the list with questions they have or to find out how they could get involved in the cause.