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July 10, 2016
By: Education

Climate Lessons Update - July 2016 (Special Summer Institute Edition)

Letter to Climate Change Educators

groupBefore we take a month off for some summer vacationing, we wanted to share a bit about the 11th Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education we just had! Over 40 educators from around the country convened at Macalester College for the four-day conference. We focused on helping educators gain the skills, resources, and content to integrate climate change into a variety of educational settings. This year’s group represented educators in formal and informal settings, as well as members of higher education. This diversity provided rich dialogue and the ability to dig deep into the interdisciplinary issue of climate change with what we know constitutes best practice in STEM education.

We’re excited to share with you this recap of our Summer Institute!

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz
Education Program
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Summer Institute Highlights

Gallery Walk: Educators participated in gallery walks several times during the Institute as a way to elicit discussion and reflection.

Gallery Walk 2

gallery walk 1

Citizen Science Activity: We took educators outside to participate in several Citizen Science projects. They were able to watch for birds, measure hail, and record phenology on the Macalester campus.

Cit Sci birds

Cit Sci hail

Field Trips: Educators were able to choose from three great field trips offered: a sustainability tour around Macalester, a tour of the EcoDistrict in downtown St. Paul, and the Heat Science Lab on the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus.


Sustainability tour

Heat Lab

Keynotes: We had two great keynote speakers, Dr. Ben Santer, a climate scientist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Dr. Bob Jacobel, Physics professor from St. Olaf College.



Best Feedback: “Too many to list!! Fabulous resources, wonderful information, great people and rich conversations, interesting cross-curricular ideas, hands-on experience with the climate curricula, increased knowledge base about climate change, a chance to hear and view concepts from a variety of perspectives, and more!” -2016 Summer Institute participant


ghg game

Need more reasons to attend next year?

You can check out the full recap here. This includes speaker presentations, handouts, and resources through a virtual agenda. Take a look and add the 12th Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education to your calendar for 2017! (date is forthcoming)