Climate Generation Gist

December 15, 2020
By: Nicole Rom, Former Executive Director

December 2020: A Record Year

As 2020 comes to a close, we will most likely hit another milestone: 2020 is the new warmest year on record.

A recent United Nations report showed that while we are dangerously behind schedule in slowing climate change, recent pledges to cut emissions by China and other countries could help avert the worst consequences.

Coupled with the steady increase in COVID cases across the U.S., this news is heavy to bear. We are all doing our best, and we must remember to give ourselves and our communities grace as we look toward 2021: a year with new opportunities for climate action, addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, and uprooting systemic racism. To get ready for all that lies ahead, we are:

  • Collecting your feedback on the impact of our programs and communications in a short survey to inform our programs and strategic roadmap;
  • Establishing climate justice as a top priority for the 2021 Legislative session in Minnesota with the delivery of EYEWITNESS on January 5th. You can submit your letter to a Minnesota legislator before the end of the month;
  • Preparing for our virtual events in 2021, including our Youth Climate Justice Summit in February; Talk Climate Institute in March; Earth Day Breakfast Fundraiser; and the Stay-In-stitute for Climate Change Education
  • Encouraging you to consider Climate Generation in your year-end giving plans so that all of these programs and more can be realized!

2020 has been historic, with our lives being completely transformed. Despite the myriad challenges, I am in awe of our team and our larger community — our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, partners, and supporters like you — who have continued to show up in support of our mission, allowing us to grow in new and unexpected ways.

We are so excited to have joined with national leaders on the development of a Framework that would better coordinate all of our work in climate change education and engagement. It’s rooted in the elements of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE): education, public participation, public awareness, access to information, training, and international cooperation as critical for accelerating climate action. Our hope is for the next administration to use this Framework to inform our rejoining of the Paris Agreement as well as national climate work moving forward. We encourage you (as individuals and organizations) to sign on in support as we advocate for the Framework to be included in the next administration’s priorities.

I’m excited for all that is to come in 2021 and can’t wait to share more in next month’s post about some exciting partnerships, from the Great Northern Festival here in Minnesota to our behind-the-scenes work influencing climate change education in the incoming Biden-Harris administration.

We need you to stay the course; trust me, 2021 will see movement on climate and so much more!


Nicole Rom, Executive Director