Climate Literacy

December 5, 2015
By: Beckie Alexander, Education Ambassador

Dedicated to ....

2015-12-05-13-53-35-book dedication“Dedicated to the Kids of the World Born in 2001-02.” That is Ally and Ellie’s dedication for our COP21 book of hopes. The 8th graders of today were born in 2001 and will be 49 years old in 2050. As my students have been creating positions statements, directives to the negotiators, or hopes for our climate future, the fact they they will be my age in 2050 has become striking.

2015-12-05-13-54-41-beckiechapelFriday during my send-off from Breck School, I became emotional at the meaning of these talks for the 400 middle school students sitting in front of me. COP21 is the process that will lay the foundation for our climate future – limited warming or excessive warming. I left Minneapolis on Friday evening carrying 115 demands for a cooler climate future. Wednesday, these hopes, pleas, and demands will be presented to Dr. John Holder, President Obama’s senior science advisor. I hope he and the rest of the world listens to the needs of today’s youth.