Using the Power of Education to Create Climate Action in your Community


Join public school teachers and COP 28 delegates Sofia Cerkvenik and Abby Hartzell and learn about COP28 (United Nations Conference of the Parties) taking place in Dubai, UAE, November 30th-Dec. 12th.

Discover the importance of policy and collaboration in finding climate change solutions, and see the power of education in action. Connect your students with the climate change solutions developed at this year's U.N. Climate Change Conference. Educators will also leave with best practices and strategies for effectively using Climate Generation’s COP28 Educator’s Toolkit.

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Presenters: Sofia Cerkvenik and Abby Hartzell

Sofía Cerkvenik

Sofía is a social studies educator and sports equity activist in Saint Paul. Sofía was adopted from Lima, Perú and grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She received her B.A. in History with a minor in Asian Languages and Literatures and her M.Ed in Social Studies with an emphasis on Social Justice at the University of Minnesota. Sofía believes that exploring various windows and mirrors in the classroom is imperative to establish greater understanding, empathy, and action among students. Sofía has had an opportunity to do just that through various study abroad experiences including the US Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship Program, participating once in Dalian, China and once in Changchun, China, as a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2022, and this winter as a COP28 delegate.

Abby is a Language and Literature and Leadership teacher at a Fridley High School, an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School located in Fridley, MN. She is passionate about teaching climate literacy through stories in order to empower youth with knowledge of climate change, climate justice, and creative solutions. In the classroom, Abby shares her love of community building, lively discussion, reading, and music with her students.

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5-6pm CT