Climate Voices

May 2, 2018
By: Sarah Goodspeed, Senior Policy Manager

Fight for climate change in your classroom

Education is a solution to climate change. We’re seeing this as school districts across the country are promoting climate change education by making commitments to teach climate change in their schools. In this effort, youth voices have been especially powerful advocates for teaching climate change (like in Portland, Idaho, and California, for example!) When local school districts commit to teaching climate change science, they prepare our students to be climate leaders for a resilient future.

Your School District Can Lead on Climate

We’re joining in on the initiative. Climate Generation has developed a new toolkit to help students raise resolutions to their local school boards step-by-step, committing them to teach climate change education in the classroom. With your help, your school can be a leader on climate change solutions. Dive into our Climate Commitments: School Board Resolution Toolkit to learn more, plan your campaign, and personalize a climate change education resolution for your own school district.

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Schools that teach climate change are learning laboratories for climate solutions. Youth in our YEA! MN network are leading school action projects that reduce their carbon footprint through energy and water conservation, recycling and composting programs, planting trees and gardens, and inspiring their peers to take action for sustainable communities. Applying these sustainability principles across a school district may include installing energy-efficient products and renewable energy on school grounds, sustainable purchasing and waste management, farm-to-school lunches, and other solutions. Students will be able to envision and plan for a sustainable future most effectively when they grow up in a school that teaches and demonstrates the key ingredients to that vision.

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Get Your School Board to Say “Yes!”

Download our Climate Commitments: School Board Resolution Toolkit.