Climate Voices

October 10, 2019
By: Jeremy Messersmith

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Credit: Darin Back

In a better future, everybody gets a kitten.
That’s it. Every single person on Earth gets a kitten.

But what if (and please bear with me, I know this sounds crazy), what if instead of a literal kitten everyone on the planet had access to clean air and water, food, shelter, education, and health care?

What if this metaphorical kitten also meant that humans ditched disaster capitalism and adopted an economic system that correctly valued the resources of our fragile planet?

What if the kitten meant that the capitalist consumption/advertising model was replaced by one centered around rich human experiences: connecting with our past while radically upending art, music, dance, sex, video games, and sports?

What if the kitten meant that we ditch all of the boxes we put people in and celebrated the whole rainbow of humanity that makes us diverse and beautiful?

What if the kitten meant that the whole earth came together to fight climate change and nationalism just kind of faded away as we realize we’re all connected on this little planet?

What if the kitten meant green cities, more wilderness, more biodiversity, ice at the poles, and ultimately, a more stable planet for us all to live for generations to come?

Well, sign me up folks. That’s a future I’m very excited about.
Everybody gets a kitten.

Editor’s note: Conveniently, jeremy messersmith has a song titled “Everybody Gets a Kitten.”