Climate Voices

October 18, 2019
By: Lucy Michelle

LUCY MICHELLE: Band Together Musician Spotlight

Lucy Michelle is a participating artist in Band Together on November 16th. Get your tickets now

Climate Generation (CG): What concerns you most about the climate crisis?

Lucy Michelle (LM): What concerns me most is what our planet will be like when my kids become adults. Will they be able to experience the earth how I did or will it be a toxic wasteland if we don’t all start to make really big changes now?

CG: What is your motivation to perform at Band Together?

LM: I think as one individual it’s hard to feel like you’re making an impact, so it feels good to be part of something that allows me to use my music towards a greater awareness of the immediate need for a change in how we live.

CG: How have you experienced climate change in your life? 

LM: Living in Minnesota, it’s very clear that our weather has been changing. Winters have seen less snow than in the past, which means less opportunities for sledding and cross country skiing and then winter becomes more unbearable because then it’s just cold. Rains have seemed more frequent and heavier which has cut back on outside time with my kids and especially lake swimming this year, with the high levels of bacteria in our city lakes. And with the warmer temps, we have to be really vigilant when it comes to ticks!

CG: To create a better world, we must first imagine ourselves there. What does your better future look like?

LM: I think my better future looks like one where our government’s top priorities are holding corporations accountable for their environmental impacts, putting systems in place so people can live more sustainable lifestyles, preservation of national parks and animal habitats, and keeping our water clean and safe for drinking.