June 21, 2018
By: Malcolm D’Avilar

Making my school a greener place

My name is Malcolm D’Avilar and I live in the city of Minneapolis.

I live in a community where it’s not so environmentally friendly, so environmental justice has always impacted my life. The environment is important to me because I have asthma. In the area that I live in there is a garbage incinerator, making the air hard to breathe.

I work with the environment to ensure that I’m contributing to a better place for everybody— especially people like me—to live in.

I’m a junior at River’s Edge Academy. I’ve been at Rivers Edge for two years, and this year my school formed the Environmental Club. Although it started late in the school year, it has been a valuable experience for me.

We meet every Thursday to talk about ways to make our school a greener place. We talk about composting, recycling, saving energy, and food waste.

Our club is split into two teams based off of what happens most around our school: Water Savers and Energy Savers.

As a Water Saver our job is to remind students to turn off the faucets and do so yourself if need be. For Energy Savers, the team that I am on, our job is to make sure that we’re turning off lights that don’t need to be on all day—like bathroom lights.

We give reminders to our school about these issues, but our school has been doing a good job at handling business. Even though it is the near the end of my school year, I hope to join this club next year and continue to make my school greener and more environmentally friendly.

Next year, I want to plant more vegetable seed in our garden and make snacks and food for our school. I’m confident that will limit the food waste at our school.

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