Climate Generation Gist

November 18, 2020
By: Nicole Rom, Former Executive Director

November 2020: A New Chapter for Climate Action

On November 4th our country officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement.

Yet, as we look ahead to the next four years, our first order of action is to renew our commitment to the international climate agreement. President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to do just this on his first day, which is an important first step.

It’s time to move forward with solutions at the scale the science requires. Our elected officials have the power to support this, and it’s up to us to hold them accountable.

In this new chapter for climate action, we need to uphold our commitment for intersectional solutions, through the good times and the bad. More climate impacts will come. More climate solutions will be realized. Our communities will be put at risk, and we will have to support each other and stay hopeful for the future we are building, together.

Our work continues as we keep climate at the front of every conversation, elevate marginalized voices, and push for solutions at every scale — from local communities to our state legislatures and national capital.

I recently wrote about what is required of us: from talking about how you feel about climate change and other important, intersecting issues to seeing yourself as a leader. Amongst those you know and interact with, you are a leader.

This month we prepare for Minnesota’s largest day of giving: Give to the Max Day on November 19th. We’re thrilled to have a matching grant of $20,000 to make your gift go even further. We welcome a new staff member, Seth Spencer, as Education Specialist to our growing team of 16, and we are proud to showcase incredible high school youth leading climate justice campaigns at the local level.

Let’s get to work.


Nicole Rom Executive Director