May 13, 2019
By: Jothsna Harris, Director of Community Engagement

Open Call for Submissions: EYEWITNESS

There has never been a more important time to vocalize the ways we are experiencing climate change, through our stories and by sharing our perspectives.

LoonsWhen we share with others, our reflections of climate change become activated; they become real, and they hold the potential to influence others. Over the past several years Climate Generation has been working with hundreds of individuals to help cultivate and share personal stories of climate change. This works builds upon our organization’s founder, Will Steger, and his powerful eyewitness accounts of climate change on our polar regions.

We all have stories to tell, and we are all eyewitnesses.

We are excited to announce an open call for submissions to our latest project, EYEWITNESS.

We invite you to join the chorus of voices by submitting a short story, poem, or artwork depicting your experiences and perspectives of climate change.

The ArcticCompiled into a succinct chapbook, EYEWITNESS will be published and presented as testimony to state policymakers as a piece of literary activism that bears witness to the depth and scope of how the issue of climate change is being seen and felt across Minnesota communities.

This project is inspired by similar literary works, such as Testimony: Writers of the West Speak on Behalf of Utah Wilderness and Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony, which featured first hand accounts as well as work of prominent writers. Both publications led to an eventual victories in conservation efforts when presented and circulated in Congress.

The collection of poems, stories, and art in EYEWITNESS will be assembled with a diverse range of voices, from prominent leaders to everyday residents, sharing their experiences of climate change. We will deliver the publication alongside testimony to the MN Legislature on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April 2020.

Submissions will be open through December 15, 2019. Learn more and submit your work here.