Climate Literacy

December 5, 2015
By: Kathy Bosiak, Education Ambassador

Pictures say a million things words could never....

2015-12-05-14-25-37-12313745_10154322743259409_6727097689157056527_nSaturday evening; or is it afternoon? It is dark,and my body says it is tired, but that is most likely because it has been on overdrive since 5 am Friday morning. I am, however, finally here, and by here I am referring to the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. I felt great as a I navigated the airport and even better when I got the ticket for the train and managed to find the right one, get on board and ride through the area outside of the airport, headed for Paris. I actually went by where the COP21 conference is being held and remember thinking that it will be grand to visit!

2015-12-05-14-31-47-12347901_10154322477234409_6719605668902578873_n use 2From the train to the Metro and all those STEPS! I mean, geesh… carrying a zillion pound suit case up all the STEPS! It was a rather intimidating adventure for a little while, but once I broke out into the sunshine and was standing across the Plaza from the hostel, all was great with the world again.

2015-12-05-14-25-01-12274429_10154322743214409_6895154019399036307_nI really want to share pictures and think that the blog may take on a more photojournalistic spin later on, but for now… just one! Well, maybe two… ok three. The cheese platter is a bit blurry, but the story behind it is hysterical and will do well as its own blog some time…. The second set of pictures is a bit more somber and yet has an air of hope and compassion. They do not need an introduction; they show the best of humanity’s actions in response to the worst of humanity’s actions.

2015-12-05-14-32-49-12313510_10154322748849409_8075655043377963250_n use 3