Expedition Copenhagen Delegate Blogs

November 17, 2009
By: Jamie Racine - Expedition Copenhagen Delegate

R to the Evolution

Revolution never come with a warning.
Revolution never send you an omen.
Revolution just arrives like the morning, ring the alarm time to wake up this morning. ~Michael Franti & Spearhead


With just a few short weeks & a few long days before landing at the climate movement’s ground zero, I feel like a Scooby Doo character who is running in place before setting off in an all out sprint!

The other week Al Gore made a great appearance on David Letterman to promote his new book Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis and to talk Copenhagen. Gore stated that although the grassroots movement is the largest this world has ever seen, it has yet to reach a critical mass. It is up to us to prove that statement wrong.

All the amazing folks I’ve had the opportunity to talk to here in Wisconsin on the platform of climate solutions are ready for revolution — we want climate justice, climate equality and REAL, BINDING, SUSTAINABLE climate solutions. That is the message that I will carry to and advocate for in Copenhagen.

To the folks I have talked to and to all those readers that I have not yet had the opportunity to meet — revolution is ours to make. It is every voice, every song, every noise that we create that will break the barrier to create a critical mass. The volume is rising… I hear it… I feel the vibrations… it moves my soul and moves me to act… we need it to be LOUDER.

It’s like the end of Horton Hears A Who… there is a jungle of doubt willing to fight to prevent change, to spout all the reasons that a world with 350ppm, a world run on sustainable energy, a world led with a positive, green foot forward and the creation of a dramatic, binding, just climate treaty is not logical or possible. Amidst the clamor of doubt, we must stand strong with loud voices, clanging every pot and drum and using our voices to let them know that WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE! We can break the sound barrier and create a critical mass that is impossible to ignore.

We are the movement. We are the ones that create the revolution. And just like Horton, we will stand strong amidst powerful, threatening opposition. And just like every Who in Whoville, we will yell and make every noise possible to let global leaders and communities know that WE ARE HERE.

We will reach a critical mass. We will reach a tipping point, where our position will be held as the only viable solution. We must continue to put pressure on our officials through visual actions in our communities and through letters & phone calls. Every person, every voice is necessary.