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April 18, 2017
By: Climate Generation

Rally for the Planet

Letter from the Executive Director

For the last several weeks, we’ve been feeling a greater sense of urgency as well as opportunity when it comes to advancing climate literacy and action. At the end of last month, the Trump administration began its efforts to undo President Obama’s climate policies; meanwhile, the Heartland Institute sent out a mailing to K-12 educators promoting climate skepticism. We are rising to this moment of challenge by continuing to support the Governor and Lt. Governor in their advancement of a 50% Renewable Energy Standard by 2030. What’s more, we are working to counter the Heartland Institute’s misinformation on climate change by sending our own science-based curriculum resources out to teachers around the region. Our work is not slowing down, and there are many opportunities for you to join us this month.

Earth Month provides an array of options for taking action in your community, school, place of worship, at local and national Capitols and in the streets! For the whole month, green cleaning service Two Bettys is matching donations to support our work – donate today to double your impact. On Earth Day, April 22, the March for Science will take place in D.C. and in satellite locations around the country (including St. Paul with the Kids Climate March joining it). That afternoon, Copperwing Distillery is hosting a Drink for Science event, with a portion of proceeds going to support our work.

The very next weekend, on April 28, join us for Preserving Our Favorite Things, an event that explores climate change impacts on coffee, wine, honey, beer and chocolate. Then on April 29, the People’s Climate March (PCM) will rally a broad and diverse group committed to climate action to march on Washington, D.C. as well as select cities across the country. Climate Generation is offering a variety of ways for our supporters and partners to plug in – including marching with our educator and youth contingents at the national PCM. Finally, Will Steger will be giving his Eyewitness to Climate Change on April 30th at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Lastly, RSVP now to join us for our annual donor appreciation breakfast on May 4th at the Red Stag. Each year, we acknowledge our wonderful and supportive community of donors and highlight exciting updates on the work that your support is making possible; it’s an event not to be missed!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Nicole Rom, Executive Director


Register for the Summer Institute during Earth Week (April 22-29) and receive $10 off!

In a time where objective science and facts are questioned, we need to equip teachers with the best resources and training to bring climate change into the classroom. That’s where our Summer Institute for Climate Change Education comes in. At this year’s Institute, educators will hear from Dr. Ben Santer, an atmospheric scientist who served as a lead author of the 1995 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, and contributed to the historic “discernible human influence” conclusion of the report. His recent work involves identifying anthropogenic fingerprints on climate change, and defending the science in the face of denial. He has appeared on many late night shows recently, including Late Night with Seth Meyers. Register for our Institute during Earth Week and receive $10 off the price!

Climate denial hits our classrooms

It’s hard to miss the all-out attack the current administration has made on policies related to climate change and clean energy. What may be less known, but equally damaging, is the assault on climate change education being orchestrated by many entities, including the Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute (with major funding from the Koch Brothers) has begun a mass distribution of misinformation on climate change to teachers, distributing a book and DVD that could ultimately reach over 200,000 K-12 science educators. This is an outrage. Millions of dollars are being spent at the expense of our student’s future. If you are outraged as well and you want to do something, we encourage you to support our own mass distribution of science-based, critically needed climate change education resources and training. Learn more about how to plug into our efforts to counter this misinformation in Kristen’s blog.

Emerging Leaders

Join the Kids Climate March on Earth Day, April 22nd

On Saturday April 22nd, kids will take to the streets to demand climate justice, as the generation on the global frontline of climate change. The Kids Climate March will kick off at the Science Museum of Minnesota with speakers and song, and then we’ll march through downtown St. Paul to join the March for Science Minnesota, with the kids leading our marches to the Capitol. This is a family friendly event – parents and kids of all ages are welcome! Find out more details and RSVP on Facebook.

Youth Convergence at the People’s Climate March

This month, we are thrilled to be taking our youth programming to the national level. Climate Generation’s YEA! MN program is partnering with the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), the Power Shift Network, 350, and others to host the Youth Convergence at the People’s Climate March on Friday, April 28th. The convergence will be led by youth leaders and trainers from across the country, who will convene workshops with an intentional focus on youth power, identity and leadership development. YEA! MN students will be co-facilitating a high school breakout session for students across the country focused on education, skill building and networking. Check out the agenda and register here.


Show up for the climate

This month there are a plethora of action opportunities for all the climate-concerned citizens out there. Whether you love showing up to marches or you’re passionate about climate impacts on local food and drink, we have an event for you this month! Your presence matters: in this era of unprecedented climate obstructionism and alternative facts, we all need to show up and make our voices heard in support of continued forward progress on climate change solutions. We’re engaged with the March for Science and People’s Climate Mobilization, and are also hosting several fun and informative events of our own, like Preserving Our Favorite Things on April 28 – visit our Community Events Calendar for a full run-down. Whatever you’re doing this Earth Month, we hope you commit to at least one climate action!

Speak out against environmental rollbacks in the MN Legislature

The Minnesota House and Senate are advancing regressive environmental legislation in their omnibus budget bills, and we need to ensure that our representatives hear from their constituents on the importance of strong environmental policies for our state. The process of amending and voting on these bills is ongoing, and we encourage your to let your representatives know how much you value clean lakes, clean air and clean energy. This open letter from Minnesota Environmental Partnership provides useful context on some of the harmful provisions in the House legislation; you can find your representatives and their contact information here.

In the News

Polar explorer Will Steger to speak on climate in Spokane

Will Steger will be giving his Eyewitness to Climate Change presentation on April 28 at St. George’s School in Spokane, Washington, which the Spokesman-Review covered in a recent news article.

Photo of the Month

We march because we believe in highlighting the urgency of climate change and the essential role that educators and young people play in addressing the issue. Share your reasons for marching this month using the hashtag #WhyIMarch.