Youth Action

October 13, 2016
By: Elisabeth Andre, YEA! MN Core member

Reflections from YEA! MN’s September Core Meetings

The YEA! MN Core Team started off September with a “get to know you” day, including games, food, and plans for the upcoming year. As soon as we began talking about the year, I felt fortunate to be on the Core Team and excited for all the awesome things we’d be doing and learning. I enjoyed being a part of YEA! MN so much last year, and being able to participate again this year is exciting!

Our first official Core Team meeting focused on us – the members of the team and what brought us to YEA! MN. We all participated in a drawing activity where we each drew a person, place, and event that brought us to the Core Team. What brought me back to YEA! MN this year were my positive experiences from last year’s meetings and YEA! MN’s year-end retreat. I had such a good experience last year and learned a lot about the environment and leadership; this made me want to come back and continue learning this year. Hearing everyone else on the team talk about what brought them to YEA! MN made me glad that I had decided to be on the Core Team and extremely grateful to be surrounded by such unique individuals.

yeamncorewallOur second meeting focused on climate literacy, discussing what we already knew and thinking about what we’d like to learn this year. To assess what we already knew, we each answered a variety of questions ranging from “What causes climate change?” to “How do you see climate change affecting Minnesota?” We discovered that although we know a lot, we still have a lot to learn this year. It was nice to see that we all knew roughly the same amount of information and that we all were excited to learn more.

I’m really excited to participate in the Core Team this year! I believe the information that we’ll learn and the skills that we’ll develop will significantly help the climate justice movement. With the Core Team, each member will be able to spread the information we learn to our schools and communities, further educating people on climate change.