December 10, 2018
By: Alissa Matthies Tamasi, Window into COP24 Delegate

Sustainable Innovation Forum

Sustainable Innovation Forum welcome

This year marks the 9th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum.

With COP24 being hailed by the UNFCCC as ‘Paris 2.0’, the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) presents a crucial opportunity to drive forward the Paris Agreement framework as it brings together 600+ delegates engaged with efforts to fast track the global green economy.

Sustainable Innovation Forum Hub AreaThere was a great focus on Circular Economy (CE), as well as ocean plastics and actions needed to transition more quickly to a zero-carbon economy. The CE discussions focused on systems changes required and how policymakers and the private sector are stimulating the progression from a linear to circular economy. One key take-away worth repeating is a request from Bluewater to stop using single-use plastic bottles.

Sustainable Innovation Forum Plenary

Over the weekend I also had the distinct pleasure of attending a roundtable discussion with congressional staff.

It was fascinating to listen in and learn about the issues at the COP24 negotiations, as well as a great opportunity to network with other business representatives and NGOs.