Climate Voices

February 5, 2019
By: Kira Liu, Community Engagement Coordinator

The Power of Minnesota Youth

2018 was a year of highs and lows regarding climate action and the global impacts we’re already seeing, but I can say for certain that the momentum building in the Minnesota climate movement makes me excited for 2019.

Just in the first month of the year, young people from across the state have proven that they will not shy away from fighting for the future they want to live in.

On January 9, youth, representing a group called MN Can’t Wait packed Governor Walz’s office — the third day of his term. Over a hundred strong and donning t-shirts with powerful messages about climate justice, youth shared personal climate stories and urged the Governor to take executive action before it’s too late. You may have read about this powerful day in Grist, MinnPost, or seen excerpts of their testimony on MPR News. Just imagine what they can accomplish with the rest of the year ahead of them.

MN Can’t Wait youth are pushing for bold, but necessary, action to get our state to stop emitting greenhouse gasses and be fossil fuel free within a decade. They understand the consequences to our health, environment, economy, and communities if we continue on our current path, and want to ensure that this transition is just and equitable for all Minnesotans.

As these powerful climate advocates continue to ramp up the energy and pressure around the state, we want to amplify the amazing work that is going on…

Meet our new Statewide Youth Network landing page

In partnership with iMatter, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, and the Powershift Network, we are thrilled to support the youth building MN Can’t Wait. In addition, we are excited to draw connections to our pre-existing youth programs, YEA! MN and Youth Convening Minnesota, to connect this network of youth across the state and support their inspiring initiatives.

Check out these two upcoming events in the next month that youth can plug into:

Despite the freezing temperatures whipping around the state last week, the energy for climate action has certainly not cooled.

Stay tuned to hear more about upcoming actions this spring!

Are you in high school or middle school and want to get involved?

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