Climate Voices

February 6, 2018
By: Sarah Goodspeed, Senior Policy Manager

Your How-To for Tonight’s MN Caucuses

Each one of us is a part of our community in many ways, and we are all able to impact our community through the different roles we play. Make your impact today, February 6, by participating in the precinct caucuses throughout Minnesota.

This is an opportunity to share your views on important issues and influence policies and candidates. There are many seats up for election in 2018: State Governor, U.S. Senator, both State and Federal Representatives, County seats, and other local races.

So, what is a precinct caucus?

Precinct caucuses are held at the local level across the state, whether its a few neighborhood blocks or an entire township or city in a rural community. Precinct caucuses form the grassroots of our political parties, where any community member can join your neighbors and share their voices. This is an easy opportunity to get involved in your own backyard and an important way to speak out on issues you care about and create change.

You can help set party platforms and priorities, endorse candidates, and set party rules and leadership. In Minnesota, you don’t have to register with a political party—you should attend the precinct caucus for the party you most identify with. You can learn more from the Secretary of State’s caucus website and look up your precinct caucus location using the caucusfinder.

[bctt tweet=”Precinct caucuses form the grassroots of our political parties, where any community member can join your neighbors and share their voices…an easy opportunity to get involved in your own backyard.”]

What should I expect?

You don’t need to be eligible to vote to attend a precinct caucus, meet your neighbors, hear from candidates, and share your ideas. Political candidates will attend caucuses to seek endorsements and share their stances on issues.

Attendees who are eligible to vote in the general elections or ages 16 and up can participate in a preferential ballot for party endorsements of candidates. They can also vote on resolutions, or proposal, that can be adopted into party platforms. Voting participants can then become delegates to their district and state conventions to vote into official party platforms.

What does this have to do with climate change?

Your voice matters wherever you choose to use it! At the precinct caucus, you can show candidates that climate change is an issue important to you and your neighbors.

You can recommend policy solutions for your party to adopt by submitting written resolutions for discussion with your neighbors. There are many ways to build resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities that you can recommend for your party. Resolutions can be as general or specific as you like.

You can find some examples of resolutions and more information about caucusing from our partners such as: MN350, Sierra Club,  Clean Water Action, Our Minnesota Future, or the League of Women Voters.

Key things to remember:

  1. Find your caucus location for tonight at caucusfinder.
  2. Show up on time! Caucuses across the state will begin promptly at 7 p.m.
  3. Use your voice, or just take it all in.

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Last month, Climate Generation joined many of our environmental partners at the Our New Environment Governor Candidates Forum. Watch the video to hear participating candidates views on topics like climate change, energy, water, land, and environmental justice. We encourage community members to show up and raise your voices for climate solutions!