Climate Generation

July 1, 2017
By: Katie Siegner, Communications Coordinator

Two Bettys Initiates Innovative Partnership

One morning at the end of January, we received an email from a new contact – Anna Tsantir, owner of Two Bettys Green Cleaning Co. She wrote, “In light of recent political insanity, I have decided to dedicate my company’s mission toward action and the environment,” and requested a meeting to discuss our shared priorities.

It’s difficult to overstate the hope, inspiration, and energy we drew from that request: a local business reaching out to us about supporting our work, instead of the other way around. Given the new and challenging uphill battle we have been waging this year to maintain forward progress on so many environmental and climate-related issues, seeing this member of our Twin Cities community step up to fill the leadership void at the federal level was incredibly gratifying.

After our initial meeting, our partnership with Two Bettys Green Cleaning has taken off in several exciting ways. They launched an Earth Month boost to support our work, encouraging their 1500+ clients to make a donation during the month, which would be matched by Two Bettys. They used their social media accounts all month to spread education and calls to action on climate change. We also collaborated in the production of a coaster to highlight the connection between cleaning products and climate change, educating their clients and cleaners on the importance of environmentally friendly cleaning products in combatting climate change. At the end of the month, our staff did a climate literacy presentation for Two Bettys HQ.

Moving forward into the spring, Two Bettys signed on as a sponsor of our Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, sharing posts about the Institute on social media and attending the training for a morning to see our work in action. The level of dedication and passion that their staff bring to environmental stewardship is truly amazing. We look forward to continuing this relationship and are honored to count Two Bettys among our business supporters.