Climate Generation

June 25, 2018
By: Nicole Rom, Former Executive Director

Unjust Actions Against Immigrants

In the past year, Climate Generation has watched with frustration the dismantling of environmental policies, an increase in inequitable and dishonest platforms, and the rise of dehumanizing behavior from our country’s leadership.

The separation of families at the southern border is another example of unjust actions against people of color, and we stand firmly against the racist foundation of these actions. Immigrants seeking asylum should be met with empathy, no matter the borderline or reason for their displacement.

A child from Tuvalu holds up a sign asking for a place to live as her own home suffers from sea level rise in the background. (Photo: Unknown)

We recognize that if one community is struggling, we all struggle—our organization is committed to standing with marginalized people now and in the future. As climate change impacts intensify, migration experts expect the number of climate refugees around the world to increase; since 2008, an average of 24 million people have been displaced by catastrophic weather disasters each year. Climate refugees currently lack formal definition and protection under international law, and the possibility of infringement on human rights is all too clear. The intersection of climate change and economic, social, and racial disparities is a constant thread. Whether at our own border or abroad, we believe in protecting immigrant rights.

We encourage you to call your federal elected officials and let them know where you stand. You can also look for local partners supporting immigrant communities everyday.