Trail Dispatches

July 5, 2008
By: Tobias Thorleifsson

We want wind!

july 5thDay 9 of the expedition
Distance traveled: 0km
Position: N 66,08.278 W 040,38.339
Elevation: 1,873 m / 6,145 ft

We want wind!

It’s our second windless day in a row and we are getting restless. The days are very hot as there is no wind to cool us down. If there is no wind tonight we will haul our sleds to make some ground and get a workout while we wait. Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen who was the first to cross the Greenland ice cap in 1888 hauled all the way across using a route similar to ours. Nansen was the first person to seriously utilize the ski in polar exploration. The ski and Nansen’s Greenland crossing revolutionized polar travel and he paved the way for the later successes of Norwegian explorers Sverdrup and Amundsen. Sverdrup actually participated on Nansen’s Greenland crossing and learned firsthand the superiority of skiis in polar travel.

After Nansen’s crossing, skiing as a sport also started to spread across Europe and in the U.S. Nansen’s book on his expedition was widely read internationally and was important in the development of skiing as a sport. Ski’s have been used in Norway since the stone age but the sport did not spread outside the Norwegian borders until the late 19th century. In my next dispatch I will write more about the history of skiing.


All well and hoping for more wind.



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