Teach Climate

March 11, 2018
By: Jenna Totz, former Climate Change Education Manager

Will Steger’s solo expedition embarks into school classrooms

On March 21, our founder Will Steger sets off on his longest solo expedition yet—a 1,000-mile, 70-day journey through the Barren Lands in the Canadian Arctic. The region is a wintry tundra, known for its intense winds and treacherous melting river ice in the transitional spring months. Beginning in the Chipewyan Indian village, Black Lake, he will cross the same land he journeyed on an expedition in the 1980s, eventually ending his trek in June at the Caribou Inuit community of Baker Lake.

Barren Lands Expedition Digest

On this expedition, just like his previous solo treks, he will post a daily dispatch of his recorded observations of the region online. Climate Generation is excited to team up with Will to offer an educational component to his journey; the Arctic, after all, is experiencing the most profound effects of climate change. Will founded Climate Generation in 2006, then the Will Steger Foundation, to help educators teach climate change in the classroom. As we elevate this expedition, we want to provide teachers with the resources to help students understand the gravity of climate change and feel empowered to act.

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This expedition is a tremendous opportunity for students to learn about the Arctic from so many different angles: its people, the wildlife, and how climate change is impacting everything in the region. In our educational element, we will add Will’s geographic position two times per week to an ArcGIS story (a location-based mapping and data tool). Classrooms will be able to follow his journey on this physical story map that contains more resources for students to understand the area. Each marker on the map will include a link to Will’s daily dispatch, an activity or article for students to learn from, and a question for class discussion or personal reflection.

This expedition will expose students to active data and Will Steger’s complete embrace of winter in the changing Arctic. Sign up now to receive email updates throughout the expedition.

Why are you following Will’s Expedition?

“I want my students to see in real time what is happening in our polar regions. Tracking Will would be a terrific part of our spring meteorology and climate change unit.”
—Teacher at Faribault Middle School, Minnesota

“Climate change is a topic my classes will cover next year in 5th grade, but I think this would be a great intro to the topic this year. I’m also interested in having my students focus on the engineering aspects of the sled canoe video.”
—Teacher at Westwood Intermediate, Minnesota