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November 8, 2017
By: Climate Generation

Your Window Into COP23 Day 3: November 8

Ellen Anderson represents Climate Generation and Minnesota at a US People’s Delegation Press Conference Tuesday

Yesterday, delegate Ellen Anderson, Executive Director of the University of Minnesota’s Energy Transition Lab, was a featured member of the U.S. People’s Delegation press conference. Climate Generation joined this larger coalition of delegations to help demonstrate that the United States is showing up at the talks, despite the lack of federal action on climate change. Individuals on the press conference panel shared the progress happening for climate action within their scopes, as well as the official action demands of the People’s Delegation at COP23. Among them is a just and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy in all cities and states, a halt to all new fossil fuel projects, the call for nations to increase their Paris Agreement commitment ambitions and goals, and holding our elected officials accountable among other demands.

The world was also taken aback by Syria announcing they will join the Paris Agreement, leaving the U.S. truly isolated in its decision to reject the global pact for climate action. A number of our delegates were present as this announcement was made, and in their blogs you will read some reflections on what it means to be an American at the conference this year.

Our Executive Director, Nicole Rom, wrote about the climate action happening in Minnesota and what it means to say “we’re still in” as a member of the U.S. Climate Alliance.

Today marks Farmers Day at COP23, giving us the opportunity to analyze one of the United States’ biggest contributions to climate change: the agriculture business, as well as the impacts of climate change on agriculture. Climate change has already reduced the productivity of crops around the world through extreme droughts and intense flooding. Yet, while farmers are looking for ways to keep producing food, the meat and dairy consumption rate – especially in the U.S. – is part of the problem. In fact, the top 20 meat and dairy corporations alone emit more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire country of Germany. COP23 leaders and side events will feature land management and food production diversity as solutions to climate change, alongside how to provide farmers with the tools they need to adapt.

Don’t forget to tune into our first webinar today featuring our delegates Cheryl Olseth, Ian Empson, and Espoir DelMain as they reflect on their first few days in Bonn and the role of education and youth at the conference!

Climate Generation Delegation Blogs

Ellen Anderson

Two Americas



Espoir DelMain

The UNFCCC Negotiations




You can also check out student blogs from youth delegates representing the School of Environmental Studies students at COP23.


Mark your calendar for the COP23 webcasts at 12 p.m. CST throughout the experience!

November 8: Click here to join the webinar to hear Cheryl, Espoir, and Ian talk about the first two days in Bonn.

November 9: Click here to join Leigh and Ellen’s webinar on energy policy and environmental law as solutions.

November 14: Click here to join the CLEAN (Climate Literacy) Network webinar featuring John and Adri.

November 15: Click here to join Minority Leader Melissa Hortman’s webinar on the presence of local U.S. government and leadership in Bonn.

November 16: Click here to join Aurora’s webinar as she discusses the role of Indigenous leaders and her climate action experience in Bonn.

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Don’t miss our post-COP23 panel on November 27th, 12 to 1 p.m. CST, featuring representation from Governor Dayton’s office and our Minnesota delegates as they reflect on the Bonn Climate Talks. Attend in person or tune in digitally through our live webcast.

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