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November 12, 2017
By: Climate Generation

Your Window into COP23 Day 7: November 12

As week two of COP23 begins, the world is watching how official U.S. government representatives will navigate the negotiations.

As we’ve witnessed by the international presence at COP23, climate change touches everyone. Through our multi-sector delegation, we have the opportunity to amplify how the U.S. can address the leadership gap that has been created by the Trump administration’s fossil fuel agenda. In addition to cities, states, and businesses stepping in to uphold the Paris Agreement, we have seen foundations take a leading role. Philanthropy is uniquely positioned to provide leadership, vision and resources to organizations committed to working on climate change and the clean energy economy.

We are grateful for the support of the Olseth Family Foundation and the McKnight Foundation for providing funding which allowed many of our delegates to travel to Bonn and participate in Window Into COP23 program. The McKnight Foundation has a goal of supporting Midwest climate and energy leadership, making the region a national and international leader in addressing climate change by achieving energy-related greenhouse emission reductions. McKnight  supports organizations building a clean and resilient power sector as well as creating durable public will for climate and energy action. The Olseth Family Foundation is working to improve community through support of the arts, education, the environment and the underserved. While the scale of climate change is global, it’s critical that foundations of all sizes play an important role for organizations that work on the local level to inspire action.

Today, we have a guest blog from Cora Heinzen, a high school student representing the School of Environmental Studies at COP23. Stay tuned tomorrow as our week two delegates John Olson, Aurora Conley, and Minority House Leader Melissa Hortman begin their COP23 experience.

Climate Generation Delegation Blogs

Guest Blog:
Cora Heinzen, School of Environmental Studies

American Identity


You can also check out student blogs from youth delegates representing the School of Environmental Studies students at COP23.


Mark your calendar for the COP23 webcasts at 12 p.m. CST throughout the experience!

November 8: Watch Espoir, Ian, and Cheryl discuss the first few days in Bonn and how it feels to be an American at the conference.

November 9: Watch Ellen Anderson and Leigh Currie discuss American presence at COP23 and what they plan to do once they return to Minnesota.

November 14: Click here to join the CLEAN (Climate Literacy) Network webinar featuring John and Adri.

November 15: Click here to join Minority Leader Melissa Hortman’s webinar on the presence of local U.S. government and leadership in Bonn.

November 16: Click here to join Aurora’s webinar as she discusses the role of Indigenous leaders and her climate action experience in Bonn.

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Don’t miss our post-COP23 panel on November 27th, 12 to 1 p.m. CST, featuring representation from Governor Dayton’s office and our Minnesota delegates as they reflect on the Bonn Climate Talks. Attend in person or tune in digitally through our live webcast.

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