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November 8, 2016
By: Education

Your Window Into Marrakech: COP22 Begins!

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Siiri and Johanna were the first of our delegation to arrive!

Siiri and Johanna were on the ground yesterday for the opening of COP22. Siiri spent some of the day in a YOUNGO (youth constituency group) session where there was discussion about the need to prioritize climate change education. Johanna has had the opportunity to represent ECONGO, a new community supporting effective climate change capacity-building through education, training, public information, engagement, and international collaboration. To watch live streams of COP22 events, make sure you check out the Marrakech Conference Information Hub!

Reflecting back on the day Johanna shared:
I’m excited to be spearheading ECONGO on behalf of Climate Generation alongside an international group of partners. I look forward to both the influence we can have in the Conference of the Parties (COP) space and the power we can create with a connected, multicultural coalition of educators and communicators beyond the negotiating walls. ECONGO provides us with a launchpad to propel our action on education and youth empowerment. We hope to work alongside the UNFCCC’s Alliance for Climate Empowerment and YOUNGO, the youth observer constituency, to ensure that education is a focal point moving forward at COP22 and beyond.

Siiri’s thoughts were on the election. You can read more in her blog today:
Today commenced the first day of this year’s United Nations international climate summit (COP22). While thoughts were focused on ensuring the success of the climate negotiations, it was evident that many were preoccupied with the thought of how the elections will change the course of this summit. Indeed, there is great concern about how the American elections will impact the future of the agreement. Whatever outcome the elections will bring, the youth will fight as hard as ever for an equitable future and hold politicians accountable for climate action.


Our COP22 webcasts are coming up this week, TODAY (November 8) and November 10, both at 12pm CST!

Click here to join the November 8 webinar at 12pm CST to hear Johanna, Siiri and other special guests talk about the first 2 days in Marrakech. This webinar is part of the CLEAN Network’s regular weekly calls, but all are free to join.

Click here to join the November 10 webinar at 12pm CST to hear our full delegation chat about COP22 4 days into the conference.

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