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December 11, 2018
By: Climate Generation

Your Window Into COP24: December 11

Alissa, Alexis, and Jesse cross paths in the We Are Still In U.S. Climate Action Center!
Alissa, Alexis, and Jesse cross paths in the We Are Still In U.S. Climate Action Center!

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Human Rights Day. Seventy years ago, the United Nations crafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the aftermath of World War II in the hopes that such atrocious events would never be repeated. While climate change is a different kind of threat than that of 70 years ago, it is directly impacting the rights of communities across the globe now and it does not discriminate.

From the rights of indigenous peoples to food security, gender and intergenerational equity to the protection of biodiversity, human rights are at the center of climate action and the realization of successful solutions.

In an encouraging announcement, the largest ever group of global investors called on world leaders to increase their efforts to tackle climate change and meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. The 414 institutional investors, representing $31 trillion of assets-under-management, see an “ambition gap” that is deeply concerning between governments’ commitments and what is necessary to limit the rise in global temperature to below 2°C.

Not only do they advise specific policies like putting a meaningful price on carbon and phasing out fossil fuel subsidies to limit the risks of climate change, but also because it is interfering with their ability to allocate dollars to support the transition to a low carbon economy.

Concerning phasing out fossil fuels, representatives from the Trump Administration appeared at COP24 yesterday to encourage countries to do the exact opposite. Titled “U.S. Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dynamism”, their organized event attempted to communicate that fossil fuels are part of the solution to the climate crisis. Protesters from SustainUS, Indigenous Rising Media, frontline activists, and others took over the panel as soon as it begun, with laughter and chants like “keep it in the ground” and “shame on you”.

Join us at 12 p.m. CST today to hear from high school students from the School of Environmental Studies as they share what COP24 is like for younger generations.

Curious to see what the route looks like to get to the conference each morning alongside 30,000 other attendees? Watch this.

Here’s our round-up of notable news:

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