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December 12, 2018
By: Climate Generation

Your Window Into COP24: December 12

Global leaders at work during an open panel as the urgency for finalizing the Paris rulebook increases.
Global leaders at work during an open panel as the urgency for finalizing the Paris rulebook increases.

The high-level segments of COP24 have truly taken off as it’s crunch time for Parties to finalize their contributions to the Paris Agreement rulebook. Ministers and heads of state from around the world arrived this week to pair off into negotiating teams that will produce a more concise draft. The tension is running high as the end of COP24 nears; Patricia Espinosa, the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, spoke to the challenge ahead: “Many political divisions remain. Many issues still must be overcome. But I believe it’s within our grasp to finish the job.”

We were excited to see the official Talanoa Dialogue segment begin yesterday and continue into today at the negotiations. Originally initiated at COP23 with direction from the Fijian Presidency, the Talanoa Dialogue pulls from their island’s tradition of solving differences – or “talanoa”, holding a conversation in an inclusive space.

The Talanoa Dialogue invited citizens, non-governmental organizations, businesses, cities, and governments to submit their stories of climate change through December 6 to the ministers overseeing the creation of the Paris Agreement rulebook. They answered three questions: Where are we now? How do we want to go? How do we get there? Sharing the stories behind how the world is experiencing climate impacts is an opportunity to bring participants closer together and push Parties to raise their commitments for keeping the world below a 2C temperature rise.

Yesterday was also Gender Day (#ActOnTheGap) at COP24. Promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women was communicated as a key component of COP24 by the conference leadership. (Did you know that educating girls is the #6 solution to climate change, according to Paul Hawken’s Drawdown?) The day was full of events highlighting topics from the connections between gender and climate financing to amplifying women’s contributions to climate action.

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Here’s our round-up of notable news:

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