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December 15, 2018
By: Climate Generation

Your Window Into COP24: December 15

Protesters holding signs at COP24
Activists, students, and civil society call world leaders to increase their ambition during a protest Friday at COP24.

As we’re writing this, we don’t know the final outcome of COP24. While scheduled to finish Friday evening, the negotiations spilled over into the weekend as ministers attempt to come to agreement on several parts of the Paris Agreement rulebook. Late Friday night, large chunks of the rulebook were marked by empty square brackets, where Party leaders still needed to hash out disagreements.

Some of those issues being debated include the rules for communicating emissions, financing for developing countries impacted by climate change, and whether or not the rulebook will “welcome” the science of the latest IPCC report stating we have 12 years to act.

We recognize how complicated this process is, as almost 200 countries are working to realign their economies to a low-carbon model. Yet, some Parties are calling for 2018 to be the year when the promised pledges of the Paris Agreement start to match the necessary emissions reductions that the IPCC report showed. The hopeful outcome is for the rulebook to provide a map for individual countries to implement their goals (NDCs), ratchet up their emissions goals each year, and provide financial support to at-home and abroad mitigation and adaptation.

The pressure of these decisions was heightened by a Climate Strike from students, youth, and activists yesterday at COP24 following the call for action by youth activist Greta Thunberg.

The High Ambition Coalition — a group of countries including the EU, small island states, and others that originally formed in Paris at COP21 — joined in the call for increased action to meet the 1.5C limit in global warming. The High Ambition Coalition came together Friday to pledge to further cut emissions and help poorer countries achieve their own climate targets.

There is hope that the final outcome will reflect the urgency of this moment in human history. Last we heard, a session was set for 4 a.m. to review the final rulebook draft. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke to ministers, leaders, civilians, activists, and students in one of the final events of COP24.

“I do not want my granddaughters or anybody else’s to suffer the consequences of our failures,” he said. “They would not forgive us if uncontrolled and spiralling climate change would be our legacy to them…It is very important to conclude [COP24] today with the highest level of ambition.”

We will be back on Monday with a final report of the successes and outcomes of COP24.

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