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December 10, 2019
By: Climate Generation

Your Window into COP25: December 10

U.S. Climate Action Network members were able to meet with members of the U.S. State Department.

Good morning, Window into COP25-ers! Part of the challenge with COPs is how inaccessible it can be, both physically and informationally. The international media usually only covers the achievements or failures of the negotiating Parties, missing an opportunity to bring to life the rich community, pressure, and urgency that non-Party attendees breathe into the conference.

We’re hoping to do that today.

There are an estimated 25,000 people in Madrid. Amidst the high level negotiations (often closed to the public), there are side events organized by country’s pavilions, NGOs, universities, activists, coalitions, and more. Official side event topics range from gender equality in climate action to zero carbon buildings, and everything in between. And, you can actually watch the recorded livestreams of all of these side events right from your home. (They can almost be considered an international MOOC on climate change, personalized to what you’re interested in.)

We’re proud of the U.S. Climate Action Center (the tent that takes the place of an official participating U.S. pavilion), where organizations, institutions, businesses, and more are showcasing leadership that’s still happening across the states. Sarah Goodspeed facilitated a panel featuring Minnesota and Georgia leadership on climate action. Watch the recorded livestream!

During the negotiations, there are also campaigns that urge Party negotiators to consider the requests of their citizens — who don’t always have seats at the negotiating table. One such initiative at COP25 is #MAD4Survival, or Madrid Ambition Drive for Survival, created by the Marshall Islands to challenge all Parties to commit to strengthening their country’s climate pledges (NDCs) in 2020. The Marshall Islands, a nation threatened by rising seas, flooding, and drought, is the only Party that has submitted an improved pledge thus far.

Marshall Island poet and climate envoy Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner explains #MAD4Survival.

Protests and mobilizations are also a common occurrence around the COP venue, giving everyday people an opportunity to raise their voices and hopefully catch the attention of negotiators creating the rulebook for action.

Artists also play a role in bringing the emotional gravity of the conference to light — we were moved by the Prado Museum doctoring four pieces from their collection to highlight climate change impacts.

Today, we’re excited about the focus on education through the official Action on Climate Empowerment Day!

Our first live-from-Madrid webinar is today! Educators are encouraged to tune into the CLEAN Call at 12 p.m. CST to hear from Sarah Goodspeed and guest educator Deb Morrison.

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Mark your calendar for the COP25 webcasts throughout the experience!

TODAY, December 10: CLEAN Network Webinar (12 p.m. CST)

Tune into the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network CLEAN call, with a specific focus on climate change education featuring our guest blogger Deb Morrison.

Wednesday, December 11: Inside COP25 with Sarah Goodspeed with special guest – Part 1 (12 p.m. CST)

Thursday, December 12: COP25 + #TeachClimate (11:20 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. CST)

Educators are invited to this special #TeachClimate Network meeting; where their classrooms can participate in a discussion about what it’s like at the COP25 negotiations and facilitate a reading discussion.

Friday, December 13: Inside COP25 with Sarah Goodspeed with special guest – Part 2 (12 p.m. CST)

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