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December 6, 2019
By: Climate Generation

Your Window into COP25: December 6

It’s the fifth day of COP25, and what a whirlwind it’s been! To keep it simple, we’ve got four days to recap from our last correspondence, so we’re highlighting four “need-to-know” updates for you. Let’s dive in together…

A U.S. Congressional Delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived on December 2nd with a message. Watch the video of their official press conference.

“We are here to tell the world that the United States is still committed to combating climate change with bold and aggressive action.”

You may have heard talk about “Article 6.” A sticky topic to understand, this part of the Paris Agreement is crucially important to reducing carbon emissions through global markets and rules for carbon trading. Yet, the rules of this mechanism are under scrutiny by many people because of a fear of infringing on human rights (indigenous rights specifically) and the worry that issues like double-counting emissions credits may come into play. Want to go in-depth with the Indigenous Climate Action Network? Watch this video.

“This is not just about protecting the people and protecting the lands that we steward – this is about the fact that allowing for the appropriation of indigenous lands for carbon offsets does not work as a climate solution.”

Climate Action Network and Indigenous Peoples Caucus

A new text on how to approach Loss and Damage was created — a framework that establishes funds that developed countries will provide to developing countries for capacity-building (i.e. helping victims of climate change recover after extreme weather events or slower-onset climate disasters such as sea-level rise, new technology and infrastructure, etc.) Unsurprisingly, the U.S. and Russia were awarded the Climate Action Network’s “Fossil of the Day” for their pressure for a weak Loss and Damage outcome.

The Youth Strike Back. The first week of COP25 culminated today with a climate strike on the streets of Madrid, led by Friday for Future’s Greta Thunberg. Youth voices have been prevalent throughout the COP, including a strong call from indigenous youth highlighting the urgency of this moment. Are you an educator looking to understand the strike more deeply with your students? Use our Global Climate Strike Educator Toolkit.

So, what’s coming next week?

Our delegates will be on the ground, and the U.S. Climate Action Center will be open through December 10! There are events happening daily (including a panel facilitated by our staff delegate Sarah Goodspeed, Statewide Coalitions for Climate Leadership: Georgia and Minnesota on Tuesday), and you can livestream the events from your desk or sofa.

We’ll be back in your inbox on Monday.

If you’re an educator following along in your classroom, don’t forget to check out our COP Educator Toolkit.

Guest Delegation Blogs

Today, we’re sharing guest blogs from folks who have been on the ground this week at COP25. Blogs from our Minnesota delegates will continue next week.

GUEST BLOG: Deb Morrison

COP25: Moving Towards Informed Action

GUEST BLOG: Eileen Kirby

Time for Action


Mark your calendar for the COP25 webcasts throughout the experience!

Tuesday, December 10: CLEAN Network Webinar (12 p.m. CST)

Tune into the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network CLEAN call, with a specific focus on climate change education featuring our guest blogger Deb Morrison.

Wednesday, December 11: Inside COP25 with Sarah Goodspeed with special guest – Part 1 (12 p.m. CST)

Thursday, December 12: COP25 + #TeachClimate (11:20 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. CST)

Educators are invited to this special #TeachClimate Network meeting; where their classrooms can participate in a discussion about what it’s like at the COP25 negotiations and facilitate a reading discussion.

Friday, December 13: Inside COP25 with Sarah Goodspeed with special guest – Part 2 (12 p.m. CST)

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