Host a Visit from Climate Generation

Climate Generation has over 15 years of experience building climate literacy and action among educators, youth, decision-makers, and communities. Our staff offer a variety of workshops and climate change presentation options — we are also happy to work with you on a specific request. In person and virtual options available.

Climate Change: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions Presentation

This presentation explores root causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change as well as our personal stake in the issue. We seek to equip audiences with the understanding to effectively communicate climate change and the resources to take meaningful collective action.

Data to Life: Using Art to Understand Climate Change Presentation 

This presentation explores the use of artistic expression including; poetry, music, installations, and video to tell the story of climate change. We will cover the facts of climate change and how art can bring a raw clarity to inspire action for solutions.

Climate Change Classroom Presentation (for students)

Not just for science classrooms! Our interdisciplinary climate change curricula has activities and lessons for all subject areas. Our staff can come to your classroom and teach climate change content that is aligned to standards, interactive, and fits your needs.

Climate Change Education Workshop (for educators)

Climate Generation has climate change and energy curricula and resources for any subject area and grade level. We provide a workshop for educators that dives into the lessons of the specific curriculum you are interested in and how to incorporate it into your classroom.

Youth Climate Workshop 

Learn about the power of youth in the climate movement and how to take action on climate justice and engage in solutions. Our Youth Environmental Activists of MN program can help you choose a project, launch a school club, navigate power dynamics at your school, plan an effective campaign, engage your audience, and help you transform your community.

Storytelling Workshop

We all have a story to tell. Discover your personal connection to climate change and how it can serve as a powerful tool to inspire others. This interactive workshop consists of a series of prompts that invite individual writing, reflection and small group sharing to develop your climate story.

Cli-Fi Book Club 

Are you in a book club and interested in literature related to climate change? Our Reading Guide includes climate-fiction and non-fiction books with supporting discussion questions and articles. We invite you to take a look at the books on that list, and choose one for your group to read! Climate Generation staff can visit your book club, and offer connections to climate change and help facilitate discussion on themes from the book.

Climate Change Trivia 

Interested in a fun way for your community or group to engage with a serious issue like climate change? We can host a trivia event consisting of four-rounds of questions on climate change science, sounds, pop culture, and more. Guests form teams and test their knowledge, while enjoying time with friends and getting to know their community. Trivia takes 2 hours. Contact us about pricing.


Climate Generation customizes its program offerings and will work with you to determine an appropriate fee.

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