Invest In A Teacher

The Teach Climate Scholarship Fund allows you to support an educator’s attendance at our Summer Institute for Climate Change Education. Since 2006, over 1,000 educators have attended our Summer Institute and returned to their classrooms with a newfound community of peers and the science-based, peer-reviewed resources and confidence they need to teach climate change.

A Teach Climate Scholarship dramatically reduces most or all costs to attend our programming.

Research shows that 86% of teachers agree that climate change should be taught. Unfortunately, 65% say that it isn’t related to the subject they teach. We disagree.

Climate change is tied to 100% of all subjects in school; impacts and solutions are affecting our global society’s economy and health, our infrastructure and agriculture. We’re prepared to provide educators with the comfort and confidence to build this issue into their curriculum whether they teach STEM or the humanities.

Teaching climate change helps youth overcome climate anxiety and take action for their future. We know that when students learn about climate change across subject areas, they are more motivated to learn and their academic achievement goes up as a result.

Join us by making a $500 Teach Climate Scholarship, a direct way to support not only today’s youth, but also our educators.


Be sure to designate your gift as “Teach Climate Teacher’s Scholarship” on the online form.

The Teach Climate Scholarship Fund was established by the Climate Generation Advisory Board in 2017 and has provided over 80 scholarships to date!