Special Projects

What are educators doing this year?


Participate in a number of special projects and professional development experiences

K-2 Resource Development

Climate Generation staff are collaborating virtually with a team of three elementary educators to design and develop an interdisciplinary, climate-centered curriculum for Kindergarten-2nd grade students. The resource will be published on Climate Generation’s Resource Library by the summer of 2024.

Experience Energy Resource Study

Climate Generation recently completed a revamp of our Experience Energy curriculum, and we’ve invited educators to join a small learning community to teach parts of the curriculum and provide feedback about their experiences. Through this curriculum evaluation, educators will develop short case studies detailing stories and teaching tips of how the Experience Energy curriculum can be adapted and used in the classroom.

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories aims to foster deep engagement with educators through one-on-one climate storytelling coaching, and to prepare educators to engage their learners in climate storytelling work to build personal connection and ignite hope and action for addressing the climate crises.

Minnesota Climate Change Educator Community of Practice

Climate Generation is offering Minnesota educators an opportunity to take their climate change education practices deeper. Educators will participate in a community of practice of a small group of interdisciplinary educators throughout Minnesota who want to increase their confidence and competence in teaching climate change.