Entertainment and Culture Pavilion

What is the Entertainment and Culture Pavilion?

Climate Generation is proud to be the lead partner and fiscal supporter of the first ever Entertainment + Culture [E + C] Pavilion at COP28. The Pavilion will be home ground for leveraging the power of entertainment and culture to advance climate action and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals! The Pavilion is committed to cultivating a space where creativity and culture come alive to fuel climate dialogues and foster a culture deeply rooted in climate action and justice.

The E + C mission is to provide a space to highlight existing initiatives in the creative industries, bridging the gap between entertainment and culture with climate experts, policy-makers, and civil society activists.

Through the Pavilion we hope to:

🤝 Facilitating connections: Cultivating collaboration between the arts and policy realms and fostering inclusive climate dialogues.

✳️ Becoming a global hub: Promoting cross-cultural exchanges and shedding light on regions most affected by climate challenges.

🌐 Concentrating on specific sectors: Advocating for sustainability initiatives and supporting the launch of Entertainment + Culture for Climate Action, a project endorsed by UNFCCC.

🎭 Making interdisciplinary impact: Utilizing the arts as a catalyst for promoting justice and driving policy change.

Organizing partners include Climate Generation, Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA), Dubai Climate Collective, The Climate Propagandist, Sauntr and Youth Climate Collaborative (YCC). You can learn more about our partnerships and join our growing coalition via this form

How can you participate in the Pavilion?