Climate Voices

November 6, 2020
By: Jason Rodney, Former Senior Youth Coordinator

Introducing the Fall 2020 YEA! Network Leaders

Youth Environmental Activists (YEA!) is co-led by students from across Minnesota, with support from Climate Generation staff.

YEA! is a leader-ful community.  It takes a team to build a movement. We work together taking on different roles — facilitating meetings, doing outreach, coordinating trainings, public speaking, posting on social media, contacting elected officials, bringing art and music into our work, and much more.  We are powerful together! Meet some of the active students helping lead YEA! this Fall.

Hey, I’m Anna Grace and I have a deep passion for climate justice. I grew up in a family that cares deeply for the environment but never got a chance to learn about what climate justice is until I started working with YEA! MN in 2018.  Ever since joining, I have gotten involved in numerous climate justice groups. I helped write the Minnesota Green New Deal and the 100% Clean Energy bill for Minnesota.  In my free time, I enjoy doing anti-tobacco advocacy, backpacking, writing, reading, camping, doing triathlons, and traveling! I’m thrilled to be a part of YEA! MN this year to help get other youth involved in climate justice advocacy and to broaden my horizons!


Hello, my name is Annie, and I am a junior at Mayo High School! I love learning about history and government in my free time. I often dream of a future where we are able to rapidly decrease carbon emissions and slow down climate change.


I am Clara a junior at Saint Paul Academy, and I am passionate about working to combat climate change. I am interested in the zero waste movement and laws like the Green New Deal that work to combat climate change. Outside of being part of YEA!, I enjoy playing the cello and being on the ski team.


I’m Erica. I am Laotian-American. I like to cook, longboard/rollerblade, and do arts and crafts. My dream for the equitable climate future is that everyone would have a better understanding of their impact of the earth, have less pollution on both land and water and reduced carbon emissions.


Hi!! I’m indigo, I use they/them pronouns. I do full time PSEO at UMN and MCTC. I love math and history. I love learning about new sustainable ways we can use to save our planet – especially how we can remediate our soil and water. I envision a future where everyone has access to healthy food and a connection to the Earth.


Hi, I’m Kathleen and I’m a junior at St. Paul Highland Park. I’m passionate about climate justice because I care for the future, and because climate justice is social justice. My favorite part of YEA! is getting more comfortable alongside other youth to talk with elected officials or other adults, and learning from other youth about climate justice. In my free time, I like to run, play piano, play softball, and work to make her school community a more welcoming place.


Hi, my name is Keriann. I use she/her pronouns and I am a senior at Roosevelt High School. I got involved in YEA! MN my sophomore year, and I think this a great place to learn, grow, and take climate action. I hope to see a future global culture where people nourish caring and loving relationships with the earth and each other. Outside of YEA! MN, I love to read books (especially about sustainable agroecology), garden, and spend time outside.


Hi! My name is Maya, and I’m a junior at Bloomington Jefferson High School. I started getting involved in climate action in 8th grade when I learned about climate science and realized the connections between natural disasters, climate, and the people it affects. I’m currently involved in Earth Corps, the environmental club at my school, and YEA!. I’m also a youth commissioner for the Bloomington Sustainability Commission. In addition to being passionate about the environment, I love drumming and playing piano!


My name is Solenne and I am a junior at Southwest High School. I joined YEA!  because I have been very passionate about climate justice for many years. The devastating effects of climate change are already very apparent today and it is obvious that our incompetent leaders will continue to do nothing to combat it.


Hi! I’m Sophia, a junior at St. Louis Park High School. I’m passionate about creating a sustainable world in which we can all enjoy nature. In my free time, I love taking hikes in the woods and listening to the birds.


Plus, shout out to Asha, Clara, Grace, Franci, Mina, My oahn, Owen, and many others who are showing up as part of the team, too!