Youth Action

May 6, 2020
By: Minnesota Youth Climate Strike

Youth Action Fun*d Highlight: Graphics and Art

Youth Action Fun*d Highlight: Graphics and Art - Photo

When building movements, unity is essential.

This is achieved through creating a strong base of people who share the same passions and beliefs. How are these bases created? Using art and branding plays a large role in that. Not only are people pulled to notice our message through the colors and designs of our graphics and art, but they stay to become involved because those images make them feel something.

Izzy Laderman with new MN Youth Climate Strike stickers, created with a Youth Action Fun*d grant.

This branding works to instill feelings and create interest, and are essential to keeping a movement alive and growing, especially when trying to engage youth. In making our stickers, these ideas were essential to the thought process.

If we create a sticker that inspires youth to learn more about our movement, we will therefore onboard more members. If we create a sticker that inspires adults to learn more, we will therefore create bonds and potential partnerships. If we create stickers that are appealing, we will sell them and have more funds to continue our work.

The stickers include an image of a stereotypical Minnesota nature photo. It includes rolling hills, pine trees, and a lake. This image brings nostalgia to people, remembering fond memories of times at one of the many lakes in Minnesota while instilling a desire to protect them.

Moving away from the stickers, I ask all of you reading this to join the Minnesota Youth Climate Strike in one way or another. Our mission is to create a community of Minnesota youth dedicated to ensuring our government enacts powerful legislation to combat the impending climate crisis. Beyond this, we push for climate justice and for frontline communities to be heard.

If you are an inspired youth, consider joining us as an organizer. You need no experience and we welcome all to join us! If you are simply a concerned citizen, consider joining us on a strike day, donating, buying a sticker, or participating in one of our campaigns.

Right now, we are working on divestment, so you can help by calling the Minnesota State Board of Investment and telling them you support our ask for divestment. If you are an adult organizer, consider bringing your organization to join ours in a partnership.

We are all in this fight for climate justice together, so join us!